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Gluten-Free Fun Camp PDF Print E-mail

Gluten-Free Fun Camp will be held from July 16-21st, 2017 with True Friends at their Camp Courage location in Annandale, MN! We will be on the LAKESIDE of camp, which means we can hold more campers!!









The week will be filled with games and adventures similar to in years' past where campers did: ROCK's Got Talent, Dance Party, Capture the Flag, a chocolate fountain, Nature Club, Art Club, ZooBreak, Camp-out, Bonfires, and much more. This year, we again have delicious gluten free meals prepared with love by our amazing camp cooks and a lot of the awesome camp counselors are returning! 

Camp Forms

Directions to Camp Courage in Annandale



ROCK Membership PDF Print E-mail

The Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK)- Twin Cities Chapter is busy with events, tips, and valuable information for parents navigating through their child's gluten-free lifestyle. We support each other's efforts to keep our kids healthy.

Become a member or existing members can renew membership now

Information on ROCK Membership

We have 200+ families involved in our support group.  ROCK -Twin Cities is a 501c3 non-profit.  We invite all people who live a gluten-free lifestyle to be members of our organization.

New Parent Mentor PDF Print E-mail

Committee Chair:  Julie Jones

Experienced members are needed to contact new members and get them on their way to a gluten free life for their kids.  To sign up, we'll want to know some personal information so we can match you with similar new members for a more informative experience. 

Please Contact us and click on meetings and mentoring program, to email the following information our coordinator.

  • Name
  • City you live in
  • School district you are in
  • Age of your child with CD
  • Additional allergies or conditions your child has in addition to CD
  • Phone number if you are willing to be called (otherwise we can just make it email contact)

Thank you for your interest in the Mentor Program